If being a business focused real estate agent with a Master’s of Business Administration in Marketing wasn’t enough, you’ll be happy to know that D’Juvayne continues to improve himself and sets himself apart from the competition by becoming a Certified Real Estate Specialist. Not only does he possess the knowledge about the international real estate market, he assist clients in the acquisition of international real estate and both sells and promotes real estate internationally.

What does this mean for Buyers?
Let’s say you live in Toronto but would like a vacation home on the beautiful coast of Florida. Most clients would need 2 agents. One in Florida, and One in Toronto. D’Juvayne’s clients only need him. They also wouldn’t need to wait to get to Florida to find an agent. They could get most of the work done right there in Toronto. This way they avoid the rush of having to fly to Florida and complete everything within the days of their trip before they rush back home. The other benefit is that they have a real estate agent that’s already proven. No need to go and seek through the pool of agents in a foreign market.  In a service industry, this is extremely important.

What does this mean for Sellers?
Sellers could now list their properties with an agent that has International visibility and a vast Global network. Promoting your listings locally is great but look at the city of Toronto. We have over 100,000 new immigrants settling in the region every year. These Sellers need an agent that has the advantage to reach these immigrants. These Sellers need a Certified International Real Estate Specialist. These Sellers need D’Juvayne!

What does this mean for Investors?
Most novice investors limit their real estate investments strictly to their local market. Why? They don’t have the access, connections, and/or expertise to capitalize on the lucrative opportunities around the globe. Most of the advanced and successful real estate investors take advantage of the opportunities while novice investors can’t. Whether novice or advanced, D’Juvayne’s clients have the capabilities to invest like the ELITE! Fill out the form below and let me show you how.


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